Lancashire Mind in Pendle

Work in partnership with others to provide training and support, and campaign locally to make mental wellbeing a priority.

They believe in prevention and deliver a significant amount of work to build resilience in children and young people to prevent mental health conditions and support children and young people at risk of developing a mental health condition including:

  • Work in secondary schools supporting young people to design and lead wellbeing activities in their schools to benefit their peers (The Wellbeing Challenge).
  • Raise awareness of the five ways to wellbeing via their Community Development Team who attend assemblies and youth groups.
  • Promote the value of peer support providing people with the tools, support and guidance to set up their own peer support groups
  • Train and support for Schools to educate staff and embed wellbeing with the school community.

Specifically, in Pendle the Wellbeing Challenge project has so far been delivered into three secondary schools to co-produce wellbeing activities.  The Wellbeing Challenge empowers young people to lead change to improve wellbeing for their school peers whilst directly benefitting the young people themselves by improving their awareness of mental wellbeing and developing new life skills through designing and delivering their own projects.

Mayoresses Charity Fundraising Committee has chosen ‘Lancashire Mind in Pendle’ to benefit from their fund raising efforts.

The committee together with Lancashire Mind in Pendle will be working hard to raise awareness of children’s and the younger person’s mental health and to make mental well being a priority across the Borough.

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